Hello friends, yeah it’s already a week into the new month and I’m here with a new post by God’s grace 😁. Let light lead!, is not just a write up I came up with, it’s a personal revelation to me as well giving the times were in. There’s pressure and uncertainty from every angle; so many don’t know what to do next that would be relevant in the future and intimidation would arise from even the slightest hint of progress from a Friend, neighbour and so on. “…He or she is making progress with her life what about me”, you might think. But the truth is no one knows the future and so naturally that alone should bring fear and uncertainty but our advantage is we have a God that knows tomorrow and all we have to do is to put our trust in Him and let Him lead the way….

A Quick priority test

If you were to shut out everything media-related (I mean social media, movies, TV, radio, internet, etc) for a week…


Hello there it’s wonderful to have you scroll through. You see the Bible says we should count our blessings then we would know what God has done for us and really it works. You won’t see the need to apprecaite God until you can resonate with the wonderful things He has done for you. With this little piece, I hope to share my perspective of the love of God and I pray it blesses you.

Discover 15 promises God made to you!

You’ll agree with me that there are times we go through stuffs that we’ll need help to come out of and how blessed we’ll be if our help would come from God!
The good news is that God has always been ready to help us thrive through and that’s why He gave us His promises to be the bench mark of our confidence in Him.
Discover and apply them; then live like the devil doesn’t exist!

Even when it hurts, #3 reasons you should still LOVE!!!

This post answers the question: why should I love someone that hurts me? I answered this from a Christian point of view and gave biblical backings to it. You see most people aren’t bad as they seem and even potray. They’ve probably gone through or currently facing something that’s prompting their ill attitude. That being said, there are also people that derive satisfaction in hurting others. But as a christian, how do you treat these classes of people? Let’s find out.